An Innovative Solution to an Entrenched Problem

We set out to create a new way of approaching payroll that puts the employee first. Our answer? Earned Wage Access. Our founders set out to help hourly workers by helping them access money they had already earned ahead of the traditional payroll schedule – so they could pay bills on time, avoid late fees, and say goodbye to predatory payday loans.


The First Implementation Step

Jersey Precast Construction becomes the first company in the world to offer Earned Wage Access to its employees through Payactiv’s mobile app.

“The employees did their part, they had done the work. We felt wherever possible, we should do our part by moving up their payday for part of their salary to cover an unexpected bill. Since this is a benefit that our people like, and that very few of our competitors offer, our people are less likely to look for another job.” – Amir Ulislam, CEO, Jersey Precast