In many ways, employees today lend their employer an interest free loan for two to four weeks at a time by agreeing to receive their paychecks on a biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. 

But when an employer offers Earned Wage Access, they are putting the power back into the hands of the employee.

Employees who are able to access their money on-demand can avoid a significant amount of late fees, interest charges, overdraft fees, payday loans charges, and more.

In our book “Imitation”, we went over the different predatory systems that exist and lead to cyclical debt for workers.

But by empowering your employees through Earned Wage Access, you are fighting the system that is squeezing your workers and making profits at the cost of their sweat and blood.

Earned Wage Access
A Paradigm Shift
Because providing dignity, security, and safety is our north star.