The Financial Wellness Solution

going beyond just earned wage access

Our journey began with Earned Wage Access, but in the last 10 years, we have worked to go above and beyond to create a financial wellness platform for every worker. While Earned Wage Access is an instrumental part of our mission to raise the standards for financial wellness for employees around the world, we have created a suite of accessible tools and resources to empower our users to feel confident and in charge of their finances.

The Payactiv Visa® Card provides accessible direct deposit options for employees on different stages of their financial wellness journey with additional benefits including accessing earned wages up to 2 days earlier, discounts on gas, and more.

Employees can use their paycheck to automatically load cash into Amazon and seamlessly use their wages for their next order, knowing that they already have the funds to back up their purchase.

Within the Payactiv app, users can set up automatic bill payments to avoid late fees. They can also create customized budgeting plans by allocating their wages for specific purchases and expenses like utilities, groceries, and more. In fact, Payactiv users paid $2.3 million in bills using the Bill Pay feature in 2022.

Tools like SmartSave and SmartSpend tell users exactly what they’re spending their money on and allow them to automatically allocate their wages towards specific savings goals.

Through the Payactiv app and Payactiv Visa® Card, users can unlock discounts on gas, prescription medications, movie tickets, and more.