Safwan Shah recounts the moment he realized the difficulties and injustices faced by hourly workers

"the conversation that started it all"

It was thirty years ago that I first observed someone ask an employer for a salary advance. I was an intern at a manufacturing facility during my college summer break and a production line worker made this simple request to the supervisor: “It is the 27th of the month. Can I get ten days’ salary, and can you deduct it on the first when I get paid?” Fair enough I thought. After all, this individual had already earned their money. Yet, the retort from the employer was not to help but to scold. “You better take control of your life and manage your finances better. I am not your bank and not a lender.” I was taken aback… I never forgot it… someone in need had asked for money they had already earned, and they had been rebuffed.”

Courtesy of: Sisodia, R., & Gelb, M. J. (2019). The healing organization: awakening the conscience of business to help save the world . HarperCollins Leadership.